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Bohdan Khmelnytsky
pedestrian boulevard
Viktor Zotov, Roman Slyadnev, Olena Kolomiyets, Anton Sukhar
schematic design
4.8 ha
The boulevard spatially connects two important city squares: Freedom Square and Voiniv-vyzvolyteliv Square, has the potential to become both a powerful pedestrian-friendly communication and a self-sufficient place for urban activity and leisure.

The project provides:
- revitalization of services on the lower floors of residential buildings along the boulevard
- arrangement of comfortable crossings from the Bakhchivanji St and Italiyska St and Myru Ave
- reducing the transit pedestrian paving and improvement the quality in favor of landscaping and other activities
- bike paths
- lighting
- improvement of the existing and new landscaping
- garbage disposal
- sports grounds, equipment and encouragement of the population to increase physical activity
- playgrounds for all ages and seasons
- areas for different types of recreation

The boulevard is an area free from all advertising, as well as unnecessary decoration.
The boulevard will promote a healthy lifestyle.
Bicycle-pedestrian roads. Situation
Bicycle-pedestrian roads. Proposition
Car parking. Situation
Transport. Proposition
Transport. Crossing of the Bakhchivanji St and Italiyska St
Transport. Crossing of the Bakhchivanji St and Italiyska St
Section 1-1 on the Bakhchivanji St, Italian St
Section 2-2 on the boulevard
landscaping. Situation
landscaping. Proposition
landscaping. Trees
Zoning. Boulevard as a necklace: a path that permeates very different kinds of spaces and activities
"Quiet zones"
The area in front of the school
Sports areas
Longitudinal section
Masterplan. Fragment 1
Masterplan. Fragment 2
Masterplan. Fragment 3
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