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Theater of Fairytales
Viktor Zotov, Kateryna Dolhaya, Roman Slyadnev, Pavlo Zabotin, Oleg Selivanov, Olga Senchurova
open international competition
7000 m²
Odense, Denmark
Galya Zin'ko / illustrator
Most of The House of Fairytales' program is arranged underground.

The aboveground part of the building has similar look as the tip of the iceberg. This volume matches the scale of the historical surroundings.

The Garden is preserved, enlarged and activated. The Garden is a component of The House of Fairytales as an open lobby, start point of the journey and an independent open-air platform for theatrical actions.

The 0.5m-deep glass-bottomed Pond with an aquarium underneath is planed on the square and populated with swans, fishes and frogs.

Chaotically disclosed yards of the west border of the site are delicately closed by three small buildings. This will complete the street and will activate the Square.

The scenarios of Hans Christian Andersen Museum and The House of Fairytales. They are independent but intersect each other.

The existing Andersen Museum remains with the same function. The Tinderbox and the main entrance extension are demolished. All lost functions are restored in the new building.

The scenario of the visitors' route is Hero's journey or monomyth. It is common for any narrative story structure of hero adventures. The hero starts his journey in the ordinary world, receives a call for adventures into unknown world and meet the Mana. Accepting challenges, the hero finds himself in a death point. There is an atonement after crossing the death point. Eventually the hero gets the rebirth and comes back with the gifts to the ordinary world.

The dungeon is a platform for theatrical actions.

The House of Fairytales is The Theatre of Fairytales.

Project of Odense city centre transformation by Henning Larsen Architects
Universal spiral
Known & unknown world
Hero's journey
East facade of Thomas B. Thriges gade
Inclination to Polaris
Elevator - teleportation
Elevator - teleportation
Elevator - teleportation
Elevator - teleportation
Master plan
Ground floor