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reconstruction of Public Square
Viktor Zotov, Ekaterina Dolhaya, Grisha Zotov, Sergey Ferley, Iryna Tsyba, Oleg Selivanov
international open competition
8500 m²
dwelling, museums, restaurants
Fez, Morocco
The main of the project is: harmonic coexistence of traditional life style with innovations.

The traditional traits:

- Low tech and low cost

- Space character of exterior and interior

- Fractional and vertically developed space

- Saving existing urban pattern

- Structure: maximum span is 3.5 m

- Construction methods: local workers, primitive (not specialized and big) building equipment


- Activation of the city center functions

- Increasing the urban space quality and giving sustainability features for it.

- Usage of high tech elements in interior and exterior space.

- New qualities of the riverside: creation of an luxuriant oasis, with predominance of high palm trees, along the river, which will become an objective of social, natural, aesthetic and tourist attractiveness.

- High quality of engineering systems

- Waterfalls in the courtyards

- More strict standards for energy conservation

Materials: bricks and natural stone from the demolished old buildings on the competition site. Broken brick and stones are used as a filling compound for concrete and plaster. Only natural stone and wood are used in the project.
Average building in FEZ