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Viktor Zotov, Constantin Boloban, Anastasiia Varvanina, Anton Sukhar, Ivan Seleshok, Anton Shvydiuk, Veronikа Zamiliukhina, Anastasiia Kryvorotenko
Larnaca, Cyprus
The warehouse territory is being reconstructed into the office of the company, which is completely dominated by young people with a healthy lifestyle.
As the developer joked, this is a sports and entertainment center with office elements.

We are leaving one of the two existing paired hangars, and instead of the other, we are building a new office building "Khmara" with two levels of parking under it, a full-fledged sports field, and a sports pool on the roof.

The minimum distance between the buildings allows natural lighting of the premises of both buildings.
The green grid on the facade of Khmra creates visual comfort between the premises of neighboring buildings and gives the natural greenery that is so desired here on the equator, both outside and in the interior.

The wide body of the existing hangar is adapted for an amphitheater lecture and the universal space "Maidan".

We are creating a real garden on the wasteland, in which a large share of the work and leisure activity of the ambitious company is expected.