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26 ha
Viktor Zotov, Roman Slyadnev, Dmytro Matviіshyn, Maksym Lysogora, Mihaylo Churilov, Iuliia Zalomaikina, Anton Sukhar
26 ha
Conversion of former military territory to residential complex.
At the moment we started to work on the project construction works were already carried out on the site and the first group of "towers" was built.

The base of our concept:
- taking into account the nearest, urban and Ukrainian contexts
- accordance with world trends
- economic feasibility
- functional program offer
- spatial diversity (from blocks to apartments)
- flexible development in time
Centers of activity. The holistic functioning of the focal points combined around the city's life
The main components that provide the quality of the environment
Points of attraction
Planning structure. Existing houses
Planning structure. Streets are the main transit pedestrian paths
Planning structure. The boulevard is a pedestrian-bicycle linking with the center
Planning structure. School
Planning structure. Kindergartens
Building`s hight
Public services
Public services
Community center
Cultural center in existing two-story buildings
Dwelling. Typology of open spaces
Dwelling. Block 7. A variety of open spaces
Dwelling. Block 7
Dwelling. The level of quality
Architectural-spatial diversity
Block 9. Parking plan
Block 9. Ground floor plan
Block 9. 2-4 floor plans
Block 9. 5-8 floor plans
Block 9. Section 1-1
Dwelling. Dencity
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