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Kharkiv airport. Interiors
interiors of the intrenational airport new terminal in Kharkiv
Viktor Zotov, Kateryna Zotova, Sergey Ferley, Grisha Zotov
invited competition
10 000 m²
interior terminal
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Concept: Clarity of engineering procedure, simplicity of navigation without excessive design and commerce lumber is the quality of transport terminal architecture.

This project is a competitive bid for development of internal area of international airport in Kharkiv.

Types: the project provides maximum release of a waiting room from any premises and equipment. The distant view is better than any design.

Color: as a whole, the interior is monochromic; the color is available in landscape outside, people and advertisements.

2 variants of basic colors are proposed: yellow or blue from the owner's logo. Lighting: avoid blinding effect. The main purpose is navigation and any decor.

Sound: keep silence.

Advertisement: it shouldn't prevent the principal purpose.

There are two variants of ceiling solution in the project solution. The variant with a reflected ceiling is efficient when you could not provide cleanness of construction and process elements of interior.

In case of reflected ceiling mounting, it is proposed to use perforated constructions. All engineering services are located behind ceiling.

The terminal building volume has insufficient expressive proportions. This proportion provides some elongated horizontal themes, which combine and make interior more dynamic.
visual connections through the stained-glass window
option with hollow section of the main facade cladding
protection from uncomfortable south-west sun
advertisement placement