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Private house K
private house in Kiyliv village near Kyiv
Viktor Zotov, Oleksii Pahomov, Roman Slyadnev, Nastya Ponomaryova
under construction
500 m²
private house
Kyiv, Ukraine
The area is located 60 km from Kyiv between a building system of Kyiliv village and old pine-wood.

The main conditions of a space-planning structure of the building are:
1. Creation of a private zone;
2. Zoning of the territory into residential and technical areas via creation of some yards around the building, different according to the character of space and function;
3. Division of the building into separate functional blocks (garage, general block of the first floor, spa-block, guest-block, slipping block), which will be connected.

In a plan, the building consists of several big "bricks". At the street level there will be block of garage and technical premises (which also acts as fence of the area), block of daytime zone premises (kitchen, dining room, reception room) and spa-block with a hamam bath and rest room, at the second floor there is a guest-block (it is also used as a canopy above the main entrance) and slipping block (it is also used as a canopy for the terrace near the pool)

The first floor is faced with dark brown clinker bricks, the second one – with thermal treated deals.
basement plan
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan
section 1-1
section 2-2
notrh elevation
west elevation
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