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Lvivska square in Kyiv
reconstruction and improvement of Lviv square with the construction of a commercial and office complex in Kyiv
90 000 m²
commercial, office, multistorey underground parking
Kyiv, Ukraine
Viktor Zotov, Kateryna Dolhaya, Grisha Zotov, Sergey Ferley, Iryna Tsyba, Nastya Ponomaryova
The client addressed Zotov & Co with a program to organize a large shopping center at Lvivska square, already having the several projects that included the construction over free area of the square.

Our idea is to prevent the destruction of another Kiev Square as a public space. Quite the opposite: to intensify its public quality without losing the ground surface, reproduce Square and boulevard part of Vorovskogo street as a public space.

We offer:

- move the construction over free space to the site with unfinished building, which construction stopped more then 25 years ago and spoils the city, build instead modern office and shopping center

- underneath the square locate multistorey parking with comfortable entrances and shopping spaces, integrated into the system of subways station "Lvivska gate"

- absolve visual space on Reitarska street, straighten Vorovskogo street

- preserve historical space of Lvivska square, by keeping the scale of adjacent buildings and line of Vorovskogo street

A lot of attention is paid to the logistics of pedestrians, navigation and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
existing roads
proposed roads
tonnels and metro exits scheme
existing square
proposed square
relief proposition
new public life on the square
demolition of existing unfinished construction
building footprint
current paths
new building`s shape
optimization according to the city context
inner circulation
facades of a new building in the context
the resulting volume of the building
master plan schem