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Cottage village in Moshun
low-rise accomodation complex "Appartmentin the woods" in Moschun village near Kyiv
Viktor Zotov, Mariya Pakhomova, Oleksii Pahomov
3 ha
low-rise housing, public center
v. Moshun, Ukraine
The plot is in the forest, so the key is not to do any harm.

The metaphor is the tree branch that has fallen and even repeated the relief.

The idea: the interaction between the private space – housing with the public space – nature: the closer it is to the apartment, the higher the fence is and accordingly, the more private the space is, the farther one goes into the forest, the more is shared by and between neighbors, society and nature.

The development is divided into 2 buildings: housing (town houses) and civic center.

Attached two-storied residential buildings are located linearly on the opposite side of the river and follow the border of the design location. This solution makes it possible to ultimately preserve the existing context - greenery, to clearly divide the housing space into a private yard which overlooks the river and to provide the accessibility of transportation means to each building on the road side. All the buildings overlook both the river and the road.
master plan
parking variants
unit 1