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Mystetskiy Arsenal
cultural and art museum colmplex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" in Kyiv
Viktor Zotov, Liudmyla Bielashova, Ekaterina Dolhaya, Mariya Pakhomova, Grisha Zotov, Sergey Ferley, Sergii Gorlov, Oleksii Pahomov, Iryna Miroshnikova, Denis Matvienko, Lesia Prihodiko, Aleksandr Zhidkov
international closed competition
1,1 ha
Kyiv, Ukraine
Ukrainian music center, modern art museum, international cinematographic center, creative industries center, research restoration center of Ukraine, administration building, hotel, parking
26 teams were seleted to take part at the Phase 1, including Asymptote – architecture (us), Dominiqe Perrault Architecture (fr), Isodzaki (jp), EM2N (ch), DavidChipperfield (uk), Sauerbruchhutton (de), Schmidt hummer Lassen (dk), Schweger-architekten(de), Sadarvuge (si), Kleihues (de), Baumschlager – eberle (ch), Clauswnkaan (nl), Barkow leibinger (de), Wilmotte&Associes (fr), AllesWirdCut (au), Klaus Kada (au).

The main idea of the project is the division for three leyers:

1. Cover (fabric, serviette, rushnyk – Ukrainian national towel) – creates continuous at along Dnieper hills top edge, organizes connection between historical and natural monuments and new buildings. Saves maximal big scale, which fits the plot and design program.

2. Volumes – the main functions are satiated in three main volumes. The morphology of each one is based on ethnic symbols.

3. Underground – ides maximum amount of functions (underground parking, supply/waist system etc.), what allows to save the pedestrian zone.

The composition axis – the ramparts.

Architectural structure – curved configuration of the ramparts defines the zoning of the designed territory.

Ukrainian national prototypes
Traffic and pedestrian ways
Master plan
Section through Lavra and Arsenal area
Build up