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Cottage village in Gnidyn
cottage village in Gnidyn, Boryspil district in Kyiv region
Viktor Zotov, Mariya Pakhomova, Sergey Ferley, Sergii Gorlov, Oleksii Pahomov, Anna Stognii, Alexander Bredak, Denis Matvienko, Lesia Prihodiko
38 ha
low-rise housing, public center
Gnidyn, Kyiv's suburb
The territory of the cottage community development designed is located in the South left bank planning area of ??Kyiv and by the Kanev Reservoir, near the left bank of the river Dnieper.

Basic conditions for space-planning solution:

- Traffic separation from private land plots through arranged dead-end drive-ins and general parking facilities;

- Creation of private spaces deep in the plots;

- Setting up a functional center at the intersection of main transportation routes;

- Zoning the territory in accordance with the density of automobile and pedestrian traffic;

- Preservation of natural conditions;

- Active use of topography and existing small lakes without further intervention;

- Creation of a single green zone in the system of interaction between the park and private zones;

- Arranging the environmentally and psychologically friendly environment for human living activities;

- Creating a favorable ratio of commercial and non-commercial areas providing thereby a high quality of the architectural project.

The main area of ??the land plot includes two-storied buildings, and in those areas where the dam is located it is proposed to arrange blocked two-storied houses built in the body of the dam for the rational use of the territory area.
choosing variants of protecting the site from impoundment
general scheme for the recreation zone
water and landscape gardening
roads and pedestrian ways
Apartment plots
Master plan detail