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Voronov Museum
team :
Viktor Zotov, Grisha Zotov, Sergey Ferley, Oleg Selivanov, Ilya Obodovsky, Oleksii Pahomov
competition winner
12 000 m²
Museum is designed at the place of the old brewery in Kyiv Podil.
Among the large number of old buildings at the site is the most valuable building that faces the street. All the invaluable buildings are offered to be demolished. Also the bricks they are made of will be reused for constructing the new building that is a background for the old one.

Part of the site will be used as an open, freely accessible urban space.
By lift - up, from there - walking down by ramps.

The basis of the scenario is the enfilade of contrasting spaces: the halls, the atrium, then the space of the Podil seen through the stained glass windows.

Existing dismantling buildings
Building footprint
Site zoning
Parking and loading
Vertical zoning
Demolished buildings bricks re-used for the new facade
Axonometric view 1
Axonometric view 2
Master plan
Build up
North elevation
West elevation
South elevation
East elevation
Visitors circulation
Suite of spaces unroll
Basement plan
1-st floor plan
2-nd floor plan
3-rd floor plan
4-th floor plan
5-th floor plan
Section 1-1
Section 2-2