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technopolis in Vyshgorod near Kyiv
Viktor Zotov, Julia Zinovieva, Denis Matvienko, Iryna Miroshnikova, Alexander Bredak, Anna Stognii, Grisha Zotov
invited competition
50 ha
social infrastructure, commercial function, dwelling
Vyshgorod, Ukraine
Program: in the program idea base is technopolis, prototype – "Silicone valley" – concentration of the hightechnological, research resource in one place.

The commercial function - offices, production spaces, trade-entertaining complex, hotel and conference center, exhibition center;

accommodation function – multi-storey building, tawn-houses, church;

social infrastructure – university, training-center, library, school, kindergarten, hospital, sport zone, educational institiutions;

etc – parking, city-hall, technical objects, social amenities objects of accommodation zone.

The main idea: context is devided into two principal components: from north along the plot – negative (power transmission lines 10 Kw, autobahn), from south – positive (forest, sun, water).

The decision: the wall, which integrates paking, technical facilities (from te autobahn side) and trade; public functions – from south.

Exclusion of the autotransportation inside of the polis.

The technopolis in this case is ecopolis.

This project passed to the phase 2 with two other project - BIG(dk) and JDS(nl).
solution – a WALL
transport ways
pedestrian and bicycle ways
integration of functions
Master plan