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Hotel on Rynok Square
hotel on Rynok Square, 15 in Lviv
Viktor Zotov, Ekaterina Dolhaya, Yurii Kryvokhatko, Kyrylo Tsuman, Sergey Ferley
2200 m²
Lviv, Ukraine
Basic principle – do no harm.

Building No. 15 is located in the Ploscha Rynok deep in historical center of Lviv.

The main basis, which this project development is based on: delicate polite handling of an introduced new element to precious context and history. The current building system of the area consists of two buildings: stone building No. 15 called Shymonivska built in XVI – early ХХ century (No. 326/14) with face to the Market square and less valuable three- floored building in the yard.

The stone building No. 15 is restored both outside and in interiors with the help of local professionals. The restaurant in the underground story is saved and modernized.

According to this concept, the three- floored building in the yard is subject to wrecking. A new hotel building is proposed to be built instead of it. Faces of the new building is planned to be made of perforated metal sheets (copper or galvanized). Plate stained glasses and natural wood facing are used.

Both buildings shall function as one organism. З underground stories up to 4 floor including old stone building and new building are connected with a light semi-open atrium and passages with access to an elevator.

At the back of the yard, over against windows of the residential building No. 11 in the Staroyevreyska St., a new building has only planted terraces with fire ladders. The existing wall in the green neighboring yard against new windows may be dismantled to improve views.
Facade of Plosha Rynok
Project site. Transformation
Existing situation
Deviation from monument
Deviation from neighboring building
Providing views
Elements of new building
Materials of envelope
Plan of 1-st floor
Plan of 6-th floor