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Viktor Zotov, Anna-Maria Altukhova, Anastasiia Varvanina, Olena Pitirimova, Ivan Seleshok, Anna Stepanova, Anton Sukhar, Lesya Tysovska
Trostianets, Sumy region, Ukraine
BURØ, Terra project, MERGEL, Vadym Denysenko, Oleksandr Shutyuk, сeramic panels - Serhiy Radko
This is a project for the reconstruction of the square with the railway and bus stations in Trostianets'
that were destroyed by the war:
⁃ An integrated station has been created, connecting trains, buses, and a convenient entrance for taxis and private cars
⁃ Added bus parking and private car parking
⁃ The entire space is inclusive, you can move around all services and spaces without a single step.
It was not easy, since the existing relief gradient over the area is about 7 m
⁃ Canopies were made on the railway platform and at bus stops
⁃ The train station is combined with a modern square
⁃ The square has been transformed into a cozy place of rest - a square with large trees and a developed service
⁃ On both sides of the square - shopping pavilions, cafes, which will be returned to the owners and tenants of the destroyed buildings
⁃ This may be the first example of cooperation between Ukrzaliznytsia and the municipality in Ukraine
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